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We are widely experienced in providing consultancy in Labour Law, personnel, disciplinary matters including civil and contract-related matters, and has twenty-four years of experience.

Our expertise in Contract Labour matter is reflected from the recent leading judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, which is a landmark judgment in Contract Labour Lawyer’s litigation history. The Hon’ble Supreme Court upholds the pleadings drafted and argument lead by us before Lower Court. We also assisted the Supreme Court Advocate on Record engaged by the company in the matter for preparing final argument and selection of citations’.

We also specialize in conducting domestic enquiries and provide consultation regarding the drafting of appointment letter, dismissal/discharge letter, standing order, recruitment, and disciplinary matters, etc.

The writ petitions and counter affidavit in Supreme Court and High Court are also drafted by us at the client’s request. In an arbitration under The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, statements of claims and defense statements are prepared and contested before Arbitrator by us.

Labour Lawyer

Why To Choose Us

Basically litigation is the most difficult and lengthy process which anyone desires to face, but the reality is, everyone has to face it. So the need for good and reliable advice is base on success in the litigation process.
Labour Lawyer/Labour Law is basically Civil litigation in nature and for result-oriented civil litigation, two things are important i.e. knowledge of specific law and drafting of pleadings. Anyone missing one of them has less chance to succeed in litigation at Lower Court, High Court, or even finally in Supreme Court.

So the basic pleadings with specific expertise in labor laws start from Lower Court or even before that. Since the basic factual pleadings cannot be changed in Higher Courts or Supreme Court except in some conditions, therefore it is incumbent for litigants to prepare their case from the initial stage, cause addition in pleadings in appeal and higher stage are generally non-permissible.

We do not make false promises to grab any cases from clients but our motto is Actual and Only Legal Advice to our clients. It is upon the client to act upon it or to direct us to proceed further.


As well said by someone “Master of None Jack of all”. So we emphasize our strong point and don’t look for other things. We are basically litigation labour lawyers and the best part is we clearly held expertise in our field and we do not claim expertise in every field.



Labour Lawyer

Online consultation on labour law service matters.

Labour Lawyer

Opinions on legal issues.

Labour Lawyer

Drafting of Appointment Letter, Contract Letter, Offer Letter, Warning Letters, Show cause Letters, Termination Letters and Discharge Simpliciter Letters.


Labour Lawyer

Registration of Establishment under Employee Provident Fund Act, Contract Labour and Abolition Act, ESI Act and Shop and Commercial Establishment with annual compliance.




Labour Lawyer

Preparation of Writs, Counter Affidavits, Rejoinder Affidavits, and Written Arguments for Supreme Court and High Courts.

Labour Lawyer

Statement of claims and Defence statement are prepared and contested before Arbitrator by us under The Arbitration and Conciliation Act,


Labour Lawyer

Formation and conduction of Domestic Enquires.



Labour Lawyer

Preparation of Written Statements, Claim petitions, Rejoinder, Interlocutory Applications, Objections, and Written Arguments before Lower Courts.

Labour Lawyer

Startup Setup and registration under different Labour laws.


Labour Lawyer

Drafting of Standing Orders and amendments.


Labour Lawyer

Injunction Orders from Civil Courts and High Courts in Industrial Disputes.


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